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Project website ERASMUS + Youth and Sport 2021 30 months 224 000€ Le LABA (France)
The European YETI project, conducted from February 2021 to July 2023, aims to support young people in the sustainable and civic promotion of European heritage through ecotourism. Young individuals develop 20 ecotourism initiatives in various European regions, documented in a digital guide. Using this guide, partners construct a toolkit to support these initiatives, providing resources on the environment, heritage valorization, economic models, and digital communication. The project also offers an online training program for young actors in ecotourism and organizes five dissemination events highlighting five tourist routes. By bringing together partners from diverse sectors across Europe, European YETI aims to become a mediation tool between young people and European policymakers, promoting new citizen models for heritage valorization and public actions based on successful initiatives by young citizens. The project mobilizes 180 young actors and aims to reach 18,000 individuals (young people and youth actors) by the end of the project.
Areas of intervention: Green Deal, Tourism

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