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Project's website ERASMUS + Adult Education and Training 2023 30 months 400 000 € Le LABA
The #ENDO project is a European initiative that educates and supports adults dealing with chronic diseases, with a specific focus on endometriosis. With a potential reach of 14 million women across Europe - who often refer to themselves as “ENDOs,” this project aspires to empower these individuals to take a more active role in their healthcare journey. The project’s innovative approach incorporates the world of art and culture as skill developers, creating user-centric learning tools that aim to build an engaged community of ENDOs and their caregivers. Through performing and visual arts, storytelling, narrative medicine, and digital tools, healthcare experts and ENDOs will facilitate their understanding and communication with each other. By drawing inspiration from the daily journeys of ENDOs, several artistic and digital tools will be developed to enhance the understanding of medical terminology and create a more inclusive healthcare environment. #ENDO seeks to expand knowledge within the field of medicine and healthcare but also to create a supportive European community that advocates for a more equitable healthcare system. Beyond its immediate impact, #ENDO aims to shine a spotlight on gender-related healthcare disparities, ultimately improving the position of women in society. Moreover, the partners of the project are key stakeholders from adult education, healthcare, digital technology, research, arts, culture, ensuring a comprehensive approach to patient education and empowerment. They are based in Finland, Sweden, France, Italy, and Ireland.
Areas of intervention: Visual arts

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