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https://3kitchens.eu/ ERASMUS + Adult Education and Training 2023 24 months 250 000€ Le LABA
The Three Kitchens project aims to empower migrant women through three pathways: volunteering, employment, and entrepreneurship, all centered around culinary heritage. By providing training, support, and opportunities, we seek to enhance their social and economic integration, fostering a more inclusive and diverse society. Through 34 individual actions spanning training, support, and opportunities, we unlock the social power of the kitchen, leveraging it as both a physical space and a cultural symbol for positive social change. The project envisions migrant women sharing their cultural heritages through food, building bridges with local communities, and gaining skills and confidence to engage in volunteering, employment, or entrepreneurship within the food industry, thereby promoting economic independence and social cohesion.
Areas of intervention: Equality, Gastronomy

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