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Funds: Year: Duration: Budget: Leader:
European Social Fund - ESF 2020 16 months 121 000€ Bruit du Frigo (France)

Le LABA (France)

Itineraries carried by Bruit du Frigo wishing to offer young people in situations of economic and social isolation the opportunity to explore society. Until December 2021. PARCOURS PLURIELS is a project run by Bruit Du Frigo, which aims to offer young NEET people in a situation of economic and social isolation the opportunity to explore new sectors of activity, new places, new territories, new ways of doing things and learning and thus open up the field of possibilities to them. These itineraries are built on the meeting with public actors, associations and entrepreneurs from the sectors of architecture, heritage, mediation, culture, craftsmen (joinery, carpentry, cabinet making…) of sustainable and participative tourism in the living areas of the young NEETs and in their local area: the Bordeaux metropolis.
Areas of intervention: Inclusion

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