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Funds: Year: Duration: Budget: Leader:
European Social Fund - ESF 2020 12 months 146 000€ Fabrique POLA (France)

Le LABA (France)

Experimental pathway to support the professionalisation and inclusion of NEETS in the former N-A Region. Until december 2021. The Grande Tournée is an experimental programme to support the professionalisation and active inclusion of 24 NEETS in the former Aquitaine Region. Within the framework of a cooperation led by the Fabrique Pola, which brings together artistic, cultural, integration, youth and employment players in the Médoc, Libourne / Haute Garonne, Southern Gironde and Bordeaux metropolitan areas, the Grande Tournée offers discovery tours of artistic and cultural professions, mixing training and action, practical workshops, learning visits and professional immersions with artists and professional cultural operators in the Gironde.
Areas of intervention: Inclusion, Visual arts

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