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Funds: Year: Duration: Budget: Leader:
ERASMUS + education and training 2021 24 months 295 000€ European Center for Human Rights (France)

Le LABA (France)

Momentum Educate + Inovate (Ireland)

The "Design Thinking for Social Change" project aims to accelerate the development of social enterprises in Europe by training adult educators, NGOs, local authorities, and other stakeholders in Design Thinking. This innovative approach will foster inclusive, participatory, sustainable, and holistic solutions to address social challenges. The project seeks to enhance the capacities of social change actors by providing tools, open educational resources, and a digital platform. The goal is to create adult education pathways based on Design Thinking to promote equitable and sustainable solutions to social issues, while involving the affected communities. The main target groups include adult educators, social change actors, NGOs, local authorities, and policymakers.
Areas of intervention: Inclusion, Media

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