Website: Funds: Year: Duration: Budget: Leader: ERASMUS + education and training 2014 24 months 202 000€ Ville de Cenon (France)
The COW BOYS & GIRLS project aims to foster collaboration between the cities of Cenon (Aquitaine, France) and Parades de Coura (Norte, Portugal) to support students facing academic challenges. The goal is to develop the key competence of "lifelong learning" outside of the school environment, promoting autonomy and collaboration with local stakeholders. In partnership with artists, students explore their surroundings creatively. Through various disciplines (performing arts, visual arts, music, Street Art, digital arts), they identify resources to organize a shared event. The event, focusing on territory exploration, allows youth from both regions to showcase their skills in an international "salon." The project produces a territory inventory, a public event, and an evaluation toolkit for acquired skills, with support from partners such as a research laboratory and a publishing house.
Listing Id: 2014-1-FR01-KA201-008689
Areas of intervention: Education, Youth

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