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Site du projet ERASMUS + education and training 2021 24 mois 279 000€ Le LABA
The BESTIE project (Befriending for Social and Digital Inclusion) aims to overcome digital and social exclusion among the elderly, migrants, and youth through intergenerational cooperation. Faced with the accelerated digitization caused by the pandemic, the project proposes an innovative approach involving adult educators to create inclusive learning environments. BESTIE includes actions such as establishing mutual support clubs, conducting a study on intergenerational best practices, and developing a digital toolkit for everyday living. The beneficiaries include adult educators, the elderly, migrants/refugees, and youth, with the goal of enhancing their digital skills and social connections to combat isolation. The project aligns its objectives with Erasmus+ priorities by promoting inclusion and the development of accessible and high-quality digital learning.
Areas of intervention: Inclusion, Media

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