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Project website ERASMUS + Youth and Sport 2017 24 months 171 000€ Le LABA (France)
SFOFY is a street food skills development project for young people distant from employment, conducted from February 2018 to January 2020. Focused on entrepreneurial education, it aims to assist youth in exploring opportunities within the street food industry. Given the youth unemployment rate in France (24%), SFOFY targets those already outside the educational system. The project generates free educational resources, a street food entrepreneur app, a strategic toolkit, and an inspirational video platform. By engaging various partners, SFOFY seeks to empower marginalized youth, raise awareness among business centers about inclusive education, and encourage youth and migrant support organizations to promote entrepreneurial skills. Anticipated benefits include empowering young individuals, increasing awareness among business centers, enhancing the value of entrepreneurial skills, improving social inclusion, and fostering innovation and social cohesion within communities.
Areas of intervention: Gastronomy, Youth

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