Migratory Musics – Linguistic and Cultural Diversity as a Bond of Hospitality

Evaluative of the Migratory Musics project by Christophe MIQUEU, lecturer at the University of Bordeaux.

The evolution of migratory movements, and the resulting schooling of newly arrived allophone pupils, once again raises the questions that schools regularly ask themselves: how to welcome newcomers? how to achieve school inclusion? how to involve parents? how to best integrate newly arrived pupils into the learning process? how to develop the conditions for authentic school life together ? how to promote education in interculturality and a common culture of hospitality ? (…).

Migratory Musics plunges us into the heart of these complex problems of welcoming allophone children and offers the educational community, in the broadest sense of cooperation, highly effective and immediately reusable tools.”

Christophe Miqueu
Lecturer at the University of Bordeaux (ESPE – SPH), July 2019

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