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Project website ERASMUS + VET Education and Training 2021 24 months 298 000€ East Belfast Enterprise (United Kingdom)
The "Street Culture For Regions (SCR)" project aims to support individuals distanced from employment towards entrepreneurship in the broad and informal field of street culture, encompassing urban arts, creative industries, fashion, catering, tourism, etc. It seeks to change negative perceptions associated with street culture by guiding entrepreneurship trainers to leverage its economic potential. The project proposes tangible outcomes such as resource packs, street culture alliances, freely accessible educational resources, and a dedicated app. By directly involving entrepreneurship educators, potential entrepreneurs, and organizations, the project aims to promote social inclusion by developing entrepreneurial skills tailored to diverse and disadvantaged audiences while fostering collaboration among education, economic development, and cultural stakeholders. Expected impacts include the development of micro-businesses, enhanced educator skills, and ongoing collaboration for long-term social and economic inclusion.
Areas of intervention: Entrepreneurship, Performing Arts

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