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European Social Fund - ESF 2017 12 months 90 000€ Le LABA (France)
The "PlaLab" project aims to structure the information, advisory, research, and innovation missions of the Culture and Health Center from January to December 2018. Initially, Culture and Health projects were seen as supplements to humanize hospitals. However, despite these additional efforts, the health and culture sectors are currently undergoing severe crises. The healthcare system is exhausted, the quality of work life in the care sector is deteriorating, and support for artistic creation is showing limitations. The PlaLab project seeks to address these challenges by informing and raising awareness among professionals in the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) about Culture and Health public policies. It aims to provide guidance in developing cooperative efforts, promote mutual recognition of projects at regional and national levels, contribute to the professionalization of actors, establish impact indicators, formulate recommendations on new project challenges, highlight professional practices in home care professions, and optimize collaboration practices among SSE professionals in Health/Culture.
Areas of intervention: Education, Youth

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