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Ne Sommes-Nous Pas Tous Des Migrants ?

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Funds: Year: Duration: Budget: Leader:
ERASMUS + education and training 2016 36 months 199 000€ Sainte Livrade sur Lot (France)
This project, running from September 2016 to August 2019, aims to raise awareness among residents of two communities in France and Italy on the theme of migration. The focus is on teaching, learning, and popularizing the history of immigration. Youth workers, teachers, students, and community actors will be involved in pedagogical, sociological, and research activities. The project relies on modern methods to better understand immigration comprehensively, promote coexistence and develop solutions. Pedagogical and sociological tools will be developed for teachers and students, encouraging research on family memory. Pluridisciplinary pathways and cross-cutting activities aim to acquire new skills and promote tolerance, respect, and solidarity. The project includes the creation of a documentary film featuring life stories, testimonies, and documents on immigration. Schools, sports associations, twinning committees, and municipalities participate in this transdisciplinary and transnational project, fostering exchanges and mutual understanding. Short mobilities are planned to strengthen collaboration between participants and promote a more supportive Europe.
Areas of intervention: Equality, Hospitality, Migration, Youth

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