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Mobilité Pour L’innovation Dans Les Projets Participatifs De Développement Local

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Funds: Year: Duration: Budget: Leader:
ERASMUS + Adult Education and Training 2018 13 months 19 000€ Bruit du frigo (France)
Partners: EDA - Ensaios e Diálogos Associação (Portugal)

Markus Bader und Andrea Hofmann GbR (Germany)

The collective "Bruit du Frigo," active since 1997, is dedicated to the study and action on the city and inhabited territory through participatory, artistic, and cultural approaches. Despite extensive experience, the collective faces new challenges in mobilizing residents for participatory urban development projects. Currently engaged in multiple projects with social partners, Bruit du Frigo observes difficulties in mobilizing new individuals, particularly due to demographic changes and protective reactions to urban transformations. Confronting these challenges, the collective has organized two internal seminars to review its practices and aims to address the issue with European partners. Three reasons drive this European collaboration: a report from the European Commission emphasizing the importance of placing the public at the center of cultural organizations, the discovery of European practices during conferences, and the need to share expertise with European professionals. To address these challenges, the Bruit du Frigo collective, in collaboration with territorial community actors, plans to develop a training project based on study visits to Portugal and Germany between September 2018 and August 2019. These activities aim to experiment with approaches suitable for different audience profiles, to co-construct the use of their territory more collaboratively, and to promote creativity, interaction, dialogue, and participation. As part of this project, the collective will create a guide outlining professional skills associated with participatory urban development projects. This guide will be disseminated locally, nationally, and at the European level within professional networks related to architecture, creative industries, urban planning, solidarity, and public decision-making.
Areas of intervention: Architecture, Patrimony, Urban planning

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