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Jazz Connective Project (June 2018 - September 2020): A European collaboration aimed at sustainably strengthening jazz artistic scenes. Initiated following the success of a RESEAU-led Erasmus+ project, Jazz Connective addresses challenges faced by European artists in the current musical landscape. The focus is on the lack of promotion, difficulties in navigating careers in the contemporary economy, and the decline of an aging audience. To address these issues, Jazz Connective, in partnership with cultural and creative stakeholders, organizes 7 "Highlight Events" in partner cities. Artists, journalists, and producers will share their experiences, explore innovative solutions, and participate in workshops, observation stages, and artistic residencies. The outcomes will be shared during professional events. Building on these findings, the project will implement a practical approach to attract new audiences. A concert series in the 7 hosting cities will enable artists to showcase their creations, producers to experiment with new methods, and journalists to produce fresh content. The intellectual content will be disseminated on the European blog Jazz Connective, translated into English and the languages of the partners, fostering the exchange of ideas and long-term European connections around jazz music.
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