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Funds: Year: Duration: Budget: Leader:
ERASMUS + Youth and Sport 2017 24 months 246 000€ Dungannon Enterprise Centre (UK)
The Empowerment through Enterprise (ETE) project aims to promote the inclusion of young women, particularly those from migrant and ethnic minority backgrounds, in entrepreneurship. Running from October 2017 to September 2019, the project focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills to promote business creation, financial empowerment and positive social impact. Recognising the current gaps in entrepreneurship programmes, ETE plans to create a catalogue of good practice, a classroom curriculum and an open online course. Project partners will work with educational organisations, youth groups and communities to develop, test and optimise these resources. By the end of the project, ETE aims to improve access to and quality of entrepreneurship education for diverse young women. Expected results include the professional and personal empowerment of young women, the raising of awareness among educational institutions and youth organisations of the importance of inclusive education, and an increase in the entrepreneurial spirit within communities.
Areas of intervention: Equality

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