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Project website ERASMUS + Adult Education and Training 2020 24 months 152 000€ La galerie chorégraphique (France)
The "Dance Highways" project addresses the economic and health crisis, particularly the deteriorating conditions of dance trainers. Partners pool their resources to create a training program on contemporary dance pedagogical approaches. The goal is to train choreographic artists, emphasizing innovative approaches and integrating experiential techniques. The project aims to strengthen the links between training, experimentation, and research-action while creating tools based on trainers' experiences. Participants include 18 contemporary dancers and trainers, along with 12 professionals from the choreographic sector. Target audiences include dance professionals, those in popular education, health, and caregiving, as well as 3000 citizens living in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Activities include workshops, transnational meetings, and on-the-ground practical applications. Expected impacts include strengthening the North-South European network in contemporary dance, establishing local partnerships, producing pedagogical methodologies, and gaining recognition for the contemporary dancer's pedagogy as a lifelong learning tool.
Areas of intervention: Health, Performing Arts

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