Educational Institution

Educational Institutions

Several members of the LABA team are experienced trainers who work in artistic and cultural higher education institutions, and in various professional training organizations: the University Bordeaux Montaigne, the OPC, the CEFEDEM of Lyon, the ESTBA, the Institute of Political Studies of Grenoble, ARTES, the ARTEC in Montpellier, CFMI – University of Lyon, Musicales in Toulouse, the OPC, Spectacle Vivant in Bretagne, the IRMA.



Le LABA regularly works with higher education organizations in France and abroad as part of consortia linked to international cooperation projects.

These institutions wish to :

Internationalisation of their training process : to comply with European standards, to develop their networks, to increase their skills in supporting their students.

Be a leader or become a project partner

Conducting or participating in projects around research and innovation, via European programmes such as Horizon Europe 2021-2027

Educate students

To train students in the future challenges related to the management of cultural structures, with which they will sooner or later be confronted.

Our examples of accompaniment : TREMPOLINO, IRMA, OPC, IESA, University of Plovdiv, Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade

Photo credits : Patrick Göthe

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