Action Training : Local Development

Local Development

Action Training

Dates : December 6, 7 and 8 

Place : To be defined 

The aim of this training is to provide trainees with the tools and resources necessary to study European funding in the context of a local development project


Preconditions: First experience in the field of project set-up and management.

The Targeted Skills

Mastering European funding programs for local development: eligibility criteria, funding circuit, action frameworks, etc.

Identifying complementary territorial funding : territorial criteria, funding procedure

Defining a global strategy for the development and dynamization of a territory by integrating the social, economic, cultural, environmental, urban planning and tourism dimensions.
Controlling the budgetary and financial management of European structural funds and complementary territorial funds: management monitoring and budgetary control

Course of training
Day 1 / Theory

_Introduction to European funding programmes for local development

_Fields of intervention : rural, urban and cross-border areas.

_Transversal programs : education, training, tourism, regional development

_Presentation of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESF, ERDF, EAFRD, INTERREG)

_Learning how to search for information

Day 2 / Practice

_Analysis of projects in sub-groups

_Sharing and analysis of projects

_Take-up of key methodological points by stakeholders

_The rules for managing the Structural Funds

Day 3 / Writing

_Work in small groups accompanied by the stakeholders according to the progress of the projects.

_Development of a budget framework

_Finalization of a project note

_ Presentation of each project

_Questions / Answers

>>> Download here the program : clic here.

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