Training Courses

ALBA's training courses allow you
to know and mobilise European funds.

ALBA is a professional training organisation since 2013, specialised in European funding, which provides collective and personalised training courses to cultural, sports, tourism and social economy project leaders.


Based in Bordeaux and Lyon, ALBA offers courses eligible for funding by training funds throughout France. It is data-dock certified.

Find all of the details (dates, places etc…) in the following section : “the contents”.

Our training courses

Our training courses take several forms: collective or individual, inter-company (several people from different organisations) or intra-company (several people from the same organisation). The duration ranges from 1/2-day for information sessions, from 1 to 3 days for collective training courses and more if necessary, for customised training courses.


ALBA also trains remotely, with adapted and tested digital tools: visio (Zoom, GoToMeeting, Whereby) and online management (Googledocs, Pads…).


You are concerned by our training courses on European funds if : you are a manager, employee, or project leader in the cultural and creative industries, in the SSE or in one of our areas of intervention (to be found here), work on development, coordination or project management and if you wish to develop in Europe or internationally. 


The Contents


The Learning Objectives

To know and mobilize the different programs and related funding schemes

To master the mechanisms of access to European funding

To learn how to identify the right calls for projects for your project

To get to know the management tools and design an adapted budget

To be connected to international partners, via European networks


The Testimonials

In 2019, following the evaluation questionnaire, the satisfaction rate of le ALBA training beneficiaries is 90%.


Our Expertise

The trainers are all project leaders, evaluators, consultants, experts who know the programmes, know how to set up and manage projects, and share with you their experiences, their networks and their tools.



They use different types of pedagogical methods from formal and non-formal education. They promote peer learning and exchange among participants.


Our speakers regularly lead training sessions abroad, within the framework of European projects in which ALBA participates (e.g. ERAMUS+). They are constantly comparing their methods at the European level and therefore continue to be continuously trained thanks to meetings with partners on the themes of innovation and pedagogical research.


European funding mobilised : ERASMUS+, EUROPE CREATIVE, COSME, H2020, ESF, LEADER, INTERREG.

ALBA is declared a vocational training organisation and offers training courses that are eligible for support from the training funds. It is certified data-dock n°72330933933.

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