European funding seems to be difficult to access. Yet many EU programs can support your cultural and creative initiatives. However, getting involved in these projects requires an investment in terms of energy and time – with no guarantees.

LABA helps you in many ways.

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Our actions

Since 2013, LABA has specialized in European and national funding applied to cultural and creative industries projects. We provide tailor-made advice, resources and support.

We are also committed as a partner in innovative and daring projects.

More specifically, within a consortium of partners, LABA brings the following skills:


Project engineering

– Connection to a European network of 225 organizations in 30 different countries

– Visibility and dissemination of results

– Multi-partner project management skills

– Budget management

– Legal skills

– Daily monitoring of cultural sectors at the European level and existing projects


Content production

LABA has been working for 7 years with experts: researchers, academics, writers, artists, journalists, academics, filmmakers, students, business leaders, teachers, athletes and cooks, and public decision-makers…

… serving the following themes: education, cultural entrepreneurship, regional planning, performing arts, visual arts, social and solidarity economy, equality, tourism, heritage, social inclusion and inclusion of foreigners, culinary arts, digital arts, sport, etc.

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Our partnerships

LABA works with many public and private partners: local authorities (cities, regions, states, metropolises), universities, companies, associations, unions, networks. They all carry a cultural, tourist or sports project.

However, all these organizations have similar needs when it comes to raising European funds. They find in our cluster of skills, complementary and necessary assets for the constitution of a solid consortium and the piloting of a European project.

Thus, we determine and identify together:

– Eligibility of the project

– Targeting European priorities (e.g. equality, public safety, digital inclusion, entrepreneurship, etc.)

– Relevant calls for projects

– The terms of our collaboration.

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To go further, discover below some of the organizations and project names for which we are partners.


The communities

The City of Sainte Livrade (47): project to rehabilitate the Audevard block, which is located in a priority neighborhood in the heart of the city (Fabrique de Territoire program)

The City of Bègles (33), in the ECRI project: training of mentors in Roma communities to act as a link between public authorities, organizations and inhabitants (Erasmus+ Programme)

Private organizations

The PRODISS union, in the SAFE project: training and exchanges of skills between professionals in charge of festival security, particularly in the post-Covid period.

The auditorium LE ROCHER DE PALMER, in the project Migrant Music Manifesto: valorisation of the languages and cultures of migrants and refugees in Europe, through music.


Educational organizations

The Buisson school of the city of Bègles (33), in the framework of the project Day 1 In Europe (coming soon): pedagogical kit for teachers concerning the first day of reception at school of migrant children.

The New Aquitaine Region and its high schools : Lycée Jean Renou de la Réole, Lycée Jean Jamot d’Aubusson, Lycée Eugène Jamot, Lycée Val de Garonne de Marmande, as part of the MYA project: mobility and exchanges for young orchestral musicians as part of the “New Festival” in Bordeaux.

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Are you looking for support and assistance in setting up European projects? A partner for your Erasmus+ project, Creative Europe or any other program? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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