Support and Advice for Digital Transformation

LABA is working in partnership with the Office (support for digital change) and Sylk (support for business structuring) to offer tailor-made training for the cultural and creative structures of New Aquitaine.

Entirely supported by AFDAS, this system can help you better understand the transformations of your business through digital tools and developments, and choose how to use them to enrich your collaborative practices.

The speakers are : Franck-Olivier Schmitt (Sylk), Emmanuel Vergés and Marie Picard (L’Office), Pierre Brini (Le LABA)

For more information, read the presentation pdf and the speakers’ biographies here.

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AFDAS Context :

The digital transformation represents a major stake for organizations and a real challenge for its implementation. You manage a VSE-SME in the Culture, Creation and Communication sector of the following 10 professional branches: Audiovisual, Direct Distribution, Book Publishing, Phonographic Publishing, Leisure, Attraction and Cultural Spaces, Film Exploitation and Film Distribution, Written Press and Press Agencies, Advertising and Performing Arts.

You need to : 

  • take full advantage of the new digital tools,
  • decide on the priorities for action to develop your company,
  • succeed in your digital transformation.

The objective of the training is to build and implement an operational action plan to succeed in the digital transformation on different aspects :

  • the transformation strategy,
  • the change of business model,
  • the organization of the company,
  • adaptation of skills,
  • the evolution of the work culture,
  • managerial practices.

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Moving Youth European Orchestra: Evaluation note

The “MYEO – Moving Youth European Orchestra” project led by Musiques de Nuit Diffusion brought together young people from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, Italy, Germany, Romania and Malta from 12 to 18 May in Bordeaux. Two concerts took place as part of the 2019 edition of the Nouveau Festival: at the Rock School Barbey for the 206 high school student volunteers and at the Rocher de Palmer in front of 1, 200 young people from Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

With music as a common language, musicians, young people in European Voluntary Service and trainees in web & radio training at the Rocher de Palmer were confronted with different cultural, linguistic and creative models. This exchange allowed the participants to discover Europe in a different way through an artistic prism. In addition to forging friendships, they acquired new knowledge and developed a positive outlook on their skills. Informal teaching in the field of music was enhanced during the week-long exchange on a large scale.

Sociologists Mehdi HAZGUI and Marine PISANI brought their views on the MYEO project through an evaluation note.

“In their words and behaviour, the end of this week together marks for these young people a new way of positioning themselves in the world. By creating friendships, by meeting other young people who look like them, by overcoming the language barrier, they seem to feel more part of Europe. Through a common passion and a language they consider as international, they have perfected their artistic and linguistic practices as well as their relationship to the world, to otherness and to their own representations.”

Mehdi Hazgui & Marine Pisani
Consulting Sociologists, July 2019

Migratory Musics – Linguistic and cultural diversity as a bond of hospitality

Evaluative note of the Migratory Musics project by Christophe MIQUEU, lecturer at the University of Bordeaux.

“The evolution of migratory movements, and the resulting schooling of first-time allophone pupils, once again raises these questions that the school regularly asks itself: how to welcome newcomers? how to achieve school inclusion? how to involve parents? how best to integrate newly arrived pupils into learning processes? how to develop the conditions for an authentic common school life? how to promote education for interculturality and a common culture of hospitality?
Migratory Musics immerses us in the heart of these complex issues of welcoming allophone children and offers the educational community, in the broadest cooperative sense, tools that are highly effective and immediately reusable.”

Christophe Miqueu
Lecturer at University of Bordeaux (ESPE – SPH), July 2019

Cooperation rules between European partners

“In a European project, the question of trust is based on the informal.”

Pierre Brini, training manager and specialist in European programmes at Le LABA, talks to us about the rules and the implications of cooperation between European partners.

Interview conducted by the OPC – Observatoire des Politiques Culturelles, on July 17, 2019.

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