Sophie Guénebaut

Sophie founded Le LABA and has been running it since 2013. She has 30 years of experience in the cultural and creative industries sector as Administrator (National Dramatic Centre of Béthune, National Office of Artistic Diffusion, Rocher de Palmer in Cenon) then as Director of Zone Franche, World Music network. Since 2004, she has been writing and managing European projects for numerous cultural actors and has helped to obtain 100 years of European funding from the ESF, ACP Culture, Europe Creative, FEDER, INTERREG and ERASMUS+. She is an associate lecturer in the Master’s Degree in Engineering of Cultural and Intercultural Projects at the University Bordeaux Montaigne.

📞 +33 (0)6 40 20 55 57

Éric Nezan
Administrative and Financial Manager

Eric has been the administrative and financial manager of LABA since 2017. He was previously Director of TransMusicales in Rennes, then for 10 years in the coordination of the Fabrique Pola in Bordeaux. Within LABA, he is a specialist in local development projects under ESF, ERDF, LEADER funding. He has accompanied more than 30 public and private structures to obtain and manage funds dedicated to investment, entrepreneurship, inclusion and pedagogy. He intervenes in LABA training courses, and particularly with the leaders of structures that carry cultural projects or in the field of SSE.

Maud Gari
Head of Development and Marketing

Maud joined LABA in 2020 with the mission of developing the professional community and enhancing the different activities and projects of LABA’s partners. Passionate about music and networks, Maud spent 5 years as General Delegate within FELIN – Fédération Nationale des Labels Indépendants, which created a European cooperation project dedicated to women music entrepreneurs (MEWEM) thanks to European funding. She started her career as an administrative and production manager for a label, Mirare Productions, and a classical music festival, La Folle Journée de Nantes.

Pierre Brini
Head of coaching and training

Since 2016, Pierre has been in charge of training and support actions within LABA. He is a specialist in the different European programs (LEADER, INTERREG, ERASMUS+, Creative Europe…), in the creative and cultural sector and in entrepreneurship. He is involved in initial and continuing training (ARTES, ARDEC, la Belle Ouvrage) with public and private actors. He has accompanied more than 150 structures in 10 years. Former director of Mezzanine Spectacles and former co-director of the European cultural network Banlieues d’Europe, he is also an associate lecturer at the Grenoble Institute of Political Studies. 


Pierre is based in Lyon and he leads the branch of the LABA in Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes.


📞+33 (0)6 89 42 71 51 

Margaux Velez
Cooperation project manager

Since 2017, Margaux has been managing and supporting European cooperation projects (ERASMUS+, Creative Europe) within LABA. She has thus managed more than 30 projects in the fields of performing arts, audiovisual, tourism, culinary arts, heritage, architecture, and has accompanied more than 50 partners in the different countries of the European Union. A graduate of the Professional Master’s Degree in Engineering of Cultural and Intercultural Projects from the University of Bordeaux Montaigne, she has previously worked on cross-border cooperation projects within the Basque Country’s Community of Agglomeration (Interreg Atlantic Area Programme and POCTEFA).

Émilie Baron
Cooperation Project Assistant

Emilie has been involved in the management of cooperation projects carried out by LABA and its partners since 2018. In particular, she accompanies the ERAMUS+ youth mobility projects. Graduated from the Professional Master in Engineering of Cultural and Intercultural Projects (University Bordeaux Montaigne) in 2019, Emilie has a good knowledge of the cultural environment thanks to her various volunteer and internship experiences (cinema, music, mime and gesture arts, photography, architecture). In 2018, she will submit an ERSAMUS+ mobility project on an exchange of good practices between innovative European libraries on the issue of user participation.

Christophe Dabitch
Project Manager

After a Bachelor’s degree in modern literature at the University Bordeaux Montaigne, a Master’s degree in literature at the Sorbonne, a Master’s degree in political science at Paris II and a DUT in journalism (IJBA, Bordeaux), Christophe Dabitch worked as a freelance journalist for fifteen years (written and audiovisual press, daily press and magazines: Sud-Ouest, La Nouvelle République, France 3, Le Festin, Le Passant ordinaire, Le Monde diplomatique, Passages, La Lunette, literary critic for Le Matricule des anges…). He has directed documentaries and magazines for television (Dabic and Dabitch, a Serbian cousin for Arte, Le Dernier exil for France 3…).


Hervé Castelli

With a solid experience in the field of local development and mediation Hervé is a specialist in the management of development projects at various territorial scales (from neighbourhood to European cooperation). He joined the Place agency in 2018. 

Hervé teaches at the University of Bordeaux Montaigne (Master in Engineering of Cultural and Intercultural Projects) and at Science Po Bordeaux (MPCDT) on digital strategies and collaborative tools for territorial projects. 

Maïté Cosnard

Maïté Cosnard holds a PhD in Economics and is the founder of Eleo Conseil. She is mainly involved in the setting up and management of European projects (ERDF, ESF, INTERREG, PCRD…), the carrying out of territorial and sectoral studies and evaluations and the support of territorial projects. Its main areas of intervention are economic development, employment, integration, sustainable development and the social and solidarity economy.

François Pouthier

Co-responsible for the IPCI Professional Master’s Degree (Engineering of Cultural and Intercultural Projects) at the University Bordeaux Montaigne, he is also a lecturer in the Master II Law and Administration of Cultural Institutions (UB) and the CoMédiA Professional Degree – Project Design & Artistic and Cultural Mediation. Associated with the Passages laboratory, he works on regional parks. As a professional in the field, his career has taken him both in the associative field and within public authorities. In particular, he was director of the Institut Départemental de Développement Artistique et Culturel (iddac33), the cultural agency of the Gironde Departmental Council, from 2000 to 2016.

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