In-Company : Customised Training

Develop European Projects for your organisation

In-Company Training

These trainings are built with, and for the organization that requests it. While the objectives are the same as for a collective training course (mastering European funding programmes, learning how to mobilise and manage them), they focus on the specific needs of the organisation that wishes to train one or more members of its team.


A preliminary interview is set up to allow us to analyse together the context, the stakes and the needs to create the best customised training proposition.


We choose together the date and the place of the sessions. 


The organisation wishes to develop a cooperation project on a European scale or a local development project that may be eligible for European funds.


The organisation has notions in project management and/or has developed international links. In order to take the development and internationalisation of her activities to the next level, she wishes to train her team in the engineering of multilateral European projects or in the management of local development projects.


This development of skills must be precise on the methodology of projects and can financially secure the positions and the positioning of the organization in its sector

Content (example)

Funds for transnational cooperation

_ European governance : the institutions and executive agencies

_ The place of culture in the EU’s external relations

_ Interest groups and public affairs : how is cultural lobbying organised in Brussels?

_ European Cultural Networks : presentation and development of opportunities

_ Presentation of programs for culture, education, research and development, tourism and SMEs (targeted according to needs)

– Methodologies for European cooperation

The European Structural Funds

_ Presentation of the regional operational program and financing lines adapted to the company’s project

_ ERDF and ESF : Differentiation of objectives, your regional contact points

_ Innovation/Creativity: Definition work in the framework of the Regional OP

_ Aid for Cultural Third Places: Example of Projects 

_ Identify the right funding line for my project idea

Collective writing of projects

_ Drafting work (in three groups) within the team on several types of programs

_ Formulation of objectives

_ Building an action plan

_ Assessment Process

_ Pitch of group projects

_ Editing of projects and production of a project note to be sent to partners

_ Construction of a provisional project budget to be communicated to partners

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