Territorial Authorities

Territorial Authorities

LABA has supported nearly twenty local, regional and national authorities: Cities, Regions, Communities, Departments, DRACs, Public Interest Groups and Public Establishments for Cultural Cooperation. We work with small, medium and large public institutions.

The internationalization strategy is directly in line with the territorial development strategy : it allows to raise structuring funds to reinforce the economic and social development of the territories by encouraging collaboration between public and private actors.

The territorial authorities want to :
Support the protagonists of your territory

Facilitate cooperation and local development projects financed by Europe and carried out by citizens and cultural, social and educational actors, entrepreneurs, etc.

Our examples of accompaniment : DRAC Aquitaine, Ministry of Culture – DGCA, Metropolis of Nancy

Become a leader of European projects

Innovate, densify funding and create synergies between the different services and with the players in their territory.

Our examples of support: Sainte Livrade (33), Clermont-Ferrand (63), Lyon (69)

Photo credits : Samantha Hurley

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