ALBA International

We’re more than consultants, we’re your partners.

ALBA International is an agency specialising in the raising, management and training of European funds for the cultural and creative industries, education, sport and tourism sectors. We provide support to local authorities, private and public bodies in two areas of activity:

  • Support for the raising and management of specific and structural European funds INTERREG, FSE+, FEDER, LEADER, ERASMUS, CREATIVE EUROPE, CERV, Cosme, HORIZON EUROPE.
  • Group and individual training on specific and structural European funds.

This close collaboration gives us a detailed understanding of the day-to-day implications of European Union support on the ground. Based in the centre of Bordeaux, we also work with local authorities, public institutions, higher education and social organisations to develop innovative programmes that promote inclusion in areas such as the metropolitan suburbs and rural areas. We also support cooperation between players in the social economy and the creative sector and their audiences at local and international level.

ALBA International has a very strong distribution network at local, national and European level.

Our activities

Find out more our activities and the support we provide. 

  • Together, we will diagnose your project and look at suitable funding opportunities. LABA provides engineering and project management services as a partner or supporter.

  • We support or write responses to calls for projects. Management, budget design and evaluation are also part of our expertise.

  • Thanks to our network of 250 partners in more than 30 countries, we can ensure networking and exchanges with international partners.

  • ALBA is a registered professional training organisation. Our various training courses provide a better understanding of all European and national funding linked to culture.

  • We support the internationalisation and mobility of cultural and creative businesses based in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.

  • Afin de mieux comprendre comment sont organisés les fonds européens, nous mettons à votre disposition une boîte à outils (définitions, explications et ressources) qui vous mettra le pied à l’étrier. En savoir plus

ALBA est certifié Qualiopi N° 2020/88461.3 en date du 09/02/2022
Son numéro de déclaration d’activité organisme de formation  est le  75331398233

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