The Operational Team
Sophie Guénebaut, Director

Holding a degree in Management, Human Resources Management and graduated from Political Sciences, Sophie Guénebaut has been the administrator of Béthune's National Dramatic Center, of the National Artistic Distribution Office and of the Rocher de Palmer. She has also been the director of Zone Franche, a major world music network. She works since 2004 on the writing and the management of European projects for various cultural actors and has enabled the obtention of European grants in the frame of the FSE, ACP Culture, Europe Creative, Feder, Interreg, Erasmus+.

Cécile Marsan, European projects and cooperation projects guidance for the local development

After five years spent in The Netherlands on the educational coordination of an Alliance Française, Cécile Marsan moved back to France. Holding a Master degree in the mastering of European Pojects for the Local Development, she currently works in the advice and the management of European funding and cooperation systems in the fields of Culture, Education, Science, Social Innovation and Digital Technology. – Erasmus+, H2020, Interreg, Leader, FSE.
The Staff Members
Pierre Brini (Director of the support and training service for Mezzanine Spectacles / ; Codirector of the European Cultural Network Banlieues d'Europe / : expert of the European Programmes (Leader, Interreg, Grüntvig, Youth, Culture...), of the private, public, national and international fundings seeking (relationship to the funders and funding seeking for Banlieues d'Europe), expert in the support and training for professionals of the cultural field (ARTES (Nantes), Lyon and Grenoble IEP, University of Lyon 2, EAC Lyon, IESA Paris, La Belle Ouvrage (Paris), ARDEC (Montpellier).

Marc Lints (Senior Consultant for the International Cultural Actions, ASBL, Brussels): expert of the intangible heritage and the European Projects set up (administrator of the Garifuna Maloya Marron project), expert in crowdfunding (administrator of the Crowdfunding Group – participatory financing), consultant for the European Commission (technical and economical feasability studyfor the COMETT programme and projects assessment: Interactive Multimedia – IMPACT 2 programme, Engineering Information for the Fourth Framework, programme programme of the DG XIII), expert in digital technologies (direction of the ANIMAM project at the Institut du monde Arabe, direction of the PACE programme at the Jacques Brel International foundation).

Marie Le Sourd (International Cultural Projects Manager, freelance consultant and instructor / : expert in projects assessment (consulting for the IN SITU network), expert in cultural mobilities (Asia-Europe Foundation), expert instructor in the cultural mobilities funding, the international cultural exchanges and the cooperation projects with Asia (Ministry of culture and communication – France ; International Cluster – Le Carreau du Temple ; European and French cultural networks).

Pascale Bonniel Chalier, (Director of studies and instructor at « La terre est ronde » / : expert in action studies for the public administrations, the local authorities and the social partners, expert in feasability studies and support to the development of cultural actors (leading of studies and territorial diagnosis), expert instructor in the fields of European Programmes and Networks (coordinator of the Professional Master 2 of International Artistic and Cultural Projects Development at the University Lumière Lyon 2, expert instructor of the cultural policies teaching in various institutions of higher education, set up of the professional training strategy of the ARSEC), consultant in International and European projects development.

Ariane Langlois (Cultural Officer, Consultant, Beirut): expert in the Internation Cultural Events set up (coordination of the European project « Contemporary Dramaturgies of the Arabic World », project leader at the Goethe Institute of Beirut – symposium « How Free is Art ? », previously manager of the International Service at « Système Friche Théâtre »), expert in the set up of Cultural Educational Programmes (training coordinator on the French culture at the Lebanese University and at Cairo's French Cooperation and Culture Center...), expert in cultural projects communication.

The Management Team
Patrick Duval, President

Director of the Rocher de Palmer, a major concert hall of the Aquitaine region (Budget 3.5M, 50 000 spectators/year). The Rocher's art programming, focused on international projects, has enabled Patrick Duval to welcome artists coming from 92 different countries. He has impulsed and managed cultural cooperation projects with Senegal, Latvia, South Africa, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Croatia.

Richard Coconnier, Treasurer

Director of « Bordeaux Grands Evenements », he has impulsed and managed two major European projects on the Aquitaine region territory : Next step, European festivals network fostering the emergence ; Programme Culture, between Belgium, Sweden, Estonia, Austria, Portugal, The Netherlands and France ; and Mira, an Interreg cross-bounder cooperation programme between Spain, Portugal and France. In the frame of the application « Bordeaux 2013 », he has directed Sandrine Julien's study : European Toolbox for the local actors.

François Pouthier, Secretary

Director of the IDDAC, he has worked on many exchange projects in the frame of the « Lifelong Learning » programme. The IDDAC has created (with the help of the General Council of the Lot-et-Garonne, the Dordogne-Périgord Departmental Agency and the Choreographic Development Center of Aquitaine) the Europe-Atlantic Platform, with the support of the « Relais Culture Europe ». The aim of this plateform is to inform, orientate and accompany the cultural actors through their international development actions.

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