Programmes & Networks
The main Programmes

The LABA works on the following main programmes :

Erasmus +

Europe Creative Programme

European Development Funds

Mobility aid, Step Beyond

Roberto Cimetta Funds

Anna Lindh

Interreg Euro Région Aquitaine Euskadi

Structural Funds

Investing in people, ACP...


Networks and skills

The LABA is integrated in European and International networks: IETM, Zone Franche World Music Network, Trans Europe Halles, Production Office Network supported by Mezzanine Spectacle, European Cultural Centers Network.

The LABA works with the 2E2F Agency, the Relais Culture Europe, the Aquitaine Europe Office, Aquitaine Cap Mobilité, the Encatc network and the EUKN network.

In the Aquitaine Region, the members of the LABA skills pool are :



The Europe-Atlantique Platform composed of the Lot-et-Garonne Department, the Departmental Cultural Agency of Dordogne-Périgord, the Center of Choreographic Development of Aquitaine and the IDDAC.

The Aquitaine Europe Office

The Rocher de Palmer

Pajda, Platform of legal assistance for the cultural actors

The Rama, Réseau Aquitain des Musiques Actuelles (Aquitaine Network of Modern Musics)

The IPCI Master Bordeaux Montaigne


Cooperation cartography
in New Aquitaine

Rocher de Palmer
1, rue Aristide Briand
BP 600 92
33151 Cenon Cedex France

+33 5 56 74 52 94
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